Yes, POE is on the horizon as more than just a gimmick. LiFi ? Yes. Data collection too. Lighting fixtures can tell us occupancy, vacancy, light levels, temperature, humidity, etc. We’ll be hearing from Joe Rozick an Enterprise Account Executive with Philips Lighting. They have done some significant installations using controls married with smart fixtures and he’ll discuss case studies based on these projects.

The Edge Building in Amsterdam has been called the “Smartest” and “Greenest” building in the world by architectural and building associations, and with a couple years of operation to evaluate the value of many of these cutting edge concepts. Imagine logging on to your laptop in a flexible office space and the system “remembers” your temperature and lighting preferences. That is happening today with Deloitte (the major tenant in The Edge) and their 2500 workers who share 1,000 desks there.

Since the completion of The Edge, his manufacturer has completed similar installations in the US at Clemson University and for Intel and Cisco. Joe will share what they have learned so far and what they see on the horizon.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Joseph Rozick,
Enterprise Account Executive
Office and Industry, Philips Lighting

Light & Green Showroom
5222 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90019


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