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A: This can be used as either depending on the functions happening in the facility. It can be set up with desks for training or lecture, it can be used as a bride’s lounge, or as an informal gathering area with just chairs scattered around.

A: Yes.  The upper cabinets have glass doors to display product. See info about Retail and Coffee Bar below

A: Portable tables are available to set up in front of the wall of cabinets to create a pop-up food service bar or retail space.

A: The space has one-way glass so people using the room can look out into the flex space, but it also has curtains that can be pulled to give a sense of privacy

A: See above, you may call out color or material for the curtains if desired and applicable to the design

A: Yes, if this is needed to support the concept of your lighting design.  Note that the spaces are devoid of furniture to allow ultimate flexibility. You should assume that anything you add could be reconfigured by end users so design the lighting accordingly

A: Steel beams concealed by Gypsum board

A: Please see above, this should be part of the electrical distribution system.

A: Joshua Tree National Park

A: The project is in Los Angeles

A: The Interior designer says make my space look amazing

A: Reading Bingo cards or books, quilting, meals are typical things that may happen on the tables

A: The color palette and styles should be honored, prints may vary.  This is a preliminary guideline

A: The center is in Los Angeles; you should assume a highly diverse cultural group

A: The building is in Los Angeles so most users of the space have an urban background rather than rural and, as a result, are not people of the land

A: Yes, they are an earth friendly group

A: Amateur recital level, not full theatrical productions