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July 12th 12:00 PM EST
This new Recommended Practice provides design criteria for the many different types of interior and exterior spaces associated with residences and residential environments. This is the first version of RP11 to be ANSI approved, as well as having collaboration with ALA. This document addresses the many and varied visual tasks during the course of the many activities and needs for all types of lifestyles and age groups. This new RP11 presents lighting criterion and design techniques that include new and current focuses, such as energy usage and resilient lighting. These issues have gained predominance throughout our society on a continuous basis. Lighting design for residences requires an added expertise of understanding the psychological and physiological aspects of lighting, and how it pertains to personal preferences. Lighting quality is immeasurable in the sense of one’s feeling of well-being in a space. The relationship and balance between technical knowledge and the skill to create pleasant, functional lighting environments is evident within this document. Participants to this webinar are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).