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Antarctica: The few people who visit or work there generally do so during Antarctic summers. Most of the workers leave at the end of summer and the majority of stations are mothballed, typically from April to October. However, a very few of Antarctica’s bases remain operational all year and this means that a handful of hardy people live and work isolated, without sunlight and beyond rescue for many months at a time. For human beings, exposure to the extremes of the Antarctic environment in winter would result in death within minutes, so during these winter months there is no choice but to remain permanently inside their station accommodation and one factor of this is living/working purely under artificial lighting for more than 3 months.

One such 12-month permanently staffed base is the British Antarctic Survey’s Halley VI Station. As the name suggests, this is the sixth incarnation of the base, the first of which was built in 1964 and set up what would become BAS Halley’s permanent home on the Brunt Ice Shelf.

The Presenter has had the unique opportunity to both design the lighting for a brand new and revolutionary design of Station. But additionally was able to access 40-years of human chronological research data undertaken at the base’s previous incarnations and was able to use this data and tailor the new base’s lighting around the specific needs of the base future occupants. Finally since the base opened and has been occupied for 5 winters now, the presenter is still in touch with staff and has seen how dramatic the improvement has been to occupants and their lives.


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Martin Valentine FSLL, MIES

London based Martin Valentine is Ligman’s Global Design Director. He has worked in the field of specialist lighting design for over 25-years. A Masters graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture he has worked within the client, independent design practice, multidisciplinary consultant and now lighting manufacturer sides. At Ligman Martin’s role has a strong focus on the European, Asian, Australasian, Middle Eastern and North American markets. His work encompasses standards, quality, technology, training and events, defining R&D for future interior and exterior product ranges and interfacing with the international lighting design community and clients.
Previously, as Lighting Expert for Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Martin’s work included publishing the award-winning new Abu Dhabi Government public lighting design standards and best practice, leading the implementation of an Emirate-wide Sustainable Lighting Strategy and overseeing the lighting design on the Municipality’s mega-projects. He is also Head of the Advisory Board & Course Director at The Lighting Institute: TLI was recently launched in the Middle East offering lighting education courses as well as establishing the first Association, Community and Voice representing quality lighting and quality lighting design for the region.
Prior to the UAE Martin headed a lighting design division in the UK and worked on many national and local standards. His work focused on unique environmental projects both in regards extremes (Antarctica) and ecological regarding wildlife and eco-systems.

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