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2018 Russell Cole Memorial Lighting Design Competition

Lobby with Water Feature


A Corporate Real Estate company has asked you to design the lobby of their new sales building. They are looking for a soft, inviting environment that is elegant, not flashy. To capture the essence of the company, the architect has designed a floor to ceiling water feature that is the focal point of the space. It is your job to create a lighting design that accents the architecture, the space has several drop ceiling elements, as well as create a soothing environment.

The interiors colors have not been picked although but they will be in the neutral to ocean tones. Non specified information has been left to your discretion. Where materials are not indicated, finishes can be assumed as necessary. All assumptions must be justified in the narrative. Modification to the architecture is not allowed.

Your scope of work for the project is the lighting and control for Foyer, Entry Lobby, Waiting, Coffee, and Closing Areas.

Graduate Student projects must comply with current Title 24 standards. The 2016 Standards can be found at: http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/2016standards/index.html

Additional information can also be found at: https://cltc.ucdavis.edu/publication/nonresidential-lighting-guide-2016-building-energy-efficiency-standards

Make sure that you clearly address the compliance issues in your narrative and show the calculations on your board for each area in the space.

NOTE: Submissions will be judged online and finalists will be notified by email or text message by Sunday, April 29th. If a finalist does not confirm that he/she will be available to present his/her solution at the meeting on Tuesday, May 1st within 8 hours, the next highest scoring project will take their place. Finalists will present their projects on Tuesday, May 1st; presentations will begin at 7:00 pm.

Application deadline is 11:59pm on April 20, 2018 via our online submission »

Design Competition location:
Double Tree Hilton
888 Montebello Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770
(323) 722-8800

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The purposes of the Awards are three fold:

  1. To honor Russell Cole and preserve the memory and meaning of his attitudes toward lighting, lighting education and assisting everyone in their pursuit of knowledge.
  2. To encourage education in lighting for college students, under graduate or graduate, who have given evidence of innovative thought and implementation in their studies of light and lighting.
  3. To provide financial support for students in recognition of their accomplishments.

The Dressing Room, Step in Dress Up – 2017 1st Place Graduate Winner

Nidhi Vishak, University of Southern California



To be eligible to enter a solution in this competition an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in an accredited program at an accredited educational institution.
  • Be enrolled in an approved, accredited curricula of architecture (ACSA), interior design (CIDA), architectural engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering (ABET) or theater (NAST).
  • Be a full time undergraduate student pursuing lighting studies in the above
    majors or a graduate student with a specific lighting project as part of an advanced degree program.
  • Be studying in the Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino or Riverside

If you feel that your educational institution should be eligible but does not meet the above criteria, please contact the scholarship chairperson – exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.

Regardless of “team” efforts, the awards will go only to the individual under whose name the project was submitted and only that individual will be recognized.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from each event.

A Tribute to Russell Cole

Cole Lighting (C.W. Cole and Company) has been in business since 1918 and has been building lighting fixtures since 1923. Cole Lighting has been a continuous supporter of all the programs and events that the Los Angeles section has held. Because of that continued support, Mr. Cole’s dedication to the lighting industry, and his longevity as a member of the IES, the Los Angeles Section Student Lighting Design Competition Award is named in his honor.

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